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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Fast Knit

I finished the (a) Coriolis Sock by Cat Bordhi. I swear to you this woman is a genius! I just love this sock. This is such a quick knit and it feels great on. I thought it would be thick with 2 strands held together but it really isn't...or at least not as thick as I thought it would be...just nice and cushy! The technique is awesome and tons of fun. I still can't get the hang of wrapping stitches (well I get the hang of wrapping...I'm not quite that dumb) I can't seem to figure out how to pick up the wraps. I hope tomorrow to have the match to this. Oh yeah...did I mention...I love this sock! If you choose to knit the sock there is a mistake in the pattern. It says to take the sole stitches and put them on the instep needle but it's actually the other way around.


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