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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Long time coming

I meant to write a couple days ago when I took this picture. I'm so thrilled to have some cute yellow finches visit me. I don't think I've seem them at the feeder before. I saw one and ran to get the camera and hoped and hoped that it still be there when I got back. Well I got really lucky...not only was (s)he there when I got back but another one as cool! That really made my day. I saw one again this morning. I love it when unique (at least to me) birds stop by the yard. I'm sure most people think I'm a bit nuts getting all excited but here in the city it's a big deal. Back in March we even had a hawk stop by on the deck. That was just amazing.

I'm down to the foot on both glad ragg socks and hope to finish those this weekend. Then I would like to start on the April May pattern that totally missed and take it with me to Holland (hopefully). Then when I get back I'll have to jump on and find out what the august pattern is. I hope I can hold out!!! I also got down past the armholes on the top-down sweater...just have to get to 16 inches I think and then 2 sleeves. It's an easy knit! I will take pictures of them tomorrow and hopefully have them up if my dear hubby doesn't run off with the camera again.


At 9:06 AM, Blogger Mindy said...

The April/May pattern turned out great and are now on my feet! I kidnapped them in Holland.
Love, Sis


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