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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I Will Not Tempt Fate

As a rule...I am not a blocker. The lace shawl...tried my best...but it really isn't my thing. But then I started the STR Summer of Love Sock....and having seen The Harlot with her betcha I blocked this puppy. I didn't want anything bad to happen to me. I don't live near the ocean...I live miles away from Lake Michigan...the closest body of water is the Sanitary Ship Canal and still I wasn't taking any chances. So it is blocked...dried and I'm on the ribbing. Photo-0491.jpg I'm also working on (among a million other things)EZ's Hurry-Up Last Minute Sweater and my hands don't know what to do when I switch from size 13's with bulky yarn to 1's for the socks. Photo-0492.jpgIt's like a revolt...the big ones seem so much bigger and the sock needles which I knit with all the time seem like toothpicks in my hand. It makes me aware of how people really see them even tho I don't see them as tiny since I've been knitting socks for so long.


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