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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Pavlovian Knitting?

I have been meaning to post for a while (I know...that is how every post starts out) but remarkably this time there is just too much to say (show). I have actually been knitting. The first Tuesday of every month I can't help but think of our dear Yarn Harlot. For as some may recall it is on the first Tuesday of the month that they test the sirens here in Chicago. I never really noticed them before but now...every time I hear them I think of poor poor Steph trying to hide under a bed in a Hotel room in Chicago wondering how crazy all these people must be to just be walking down the street like the world is not ending. I'm not saying that here in Chicago that wouldn't be the case (you'd think someone might react) but I can imagine it would not quite get the attention it would deserve in this fine city!

The Janet Shawl is done and best as a pregnant woman with 3 children in a very small house who has never blocked anything (shhh) can block a huge lace shawl which only took slightly over 2 times the suggested?!? amount of yarn. I have pictures...I swear I have pictures....what I don't have at the moment in the cable. usual always got it together for these posts. Dad's socks....1 done the other half way down the foot....done soon. Started socks for the dear oldest girl who has been begging and begging and will finally get socks from the yarn that I bought while I was in Amsterdam. Perfect Sweater (Mason Dixon) started....back done front started. Mystery stole 3...pitiful..but still moving along. I've only started a few new things...never did start the monkey socks and never did find the str yarn...and have gotten the latest shipment...and just last night I walked past where I thought I put it and didn't see it...I think someone is stealing yarn!!! So I swear I will post pictures of all the stuff in progress sometime...maybe even today!


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