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Monday, November 12, 2007

Pictures....can't keep up

I have since cast on more stuff and I don't have pictures yet....but they'll come!

Finally pictures of the Janet Shawl.
I just love this picture since the think the middle of the shawl is so neat. The colors are nothing like they really are...but I wouldn't mind if it was.

Here is Kailey's hat. The smaller of the harlot hats.
And here is the bigger one.
These socks were meant for Kailey but they turned out way too big...luckily just big enough to fit me well. Gee what will I do with another pair of socks!
Here is the progress on the handspun scarf.
And finally Kailey's real done and it actually fits her. It was a challenge to get her to take the one off and make her understand that you can't just wear one sock..she'll have to wait!


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