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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Finally Finally Finally my Standing in the Shadow of Love from the Six-Sox KAL are done. Okay so they've been done a while I just haven't hand a minute to post the pictures here. I am currently working on (read racing a baby) a sweater for the soon to be newest member of the clan. It's the Knitpicks simple stipes sweater. I have 75% of a sleeve and the front, back and then put the whole dang thing together. Thank goodness babies are small and that I made the 12 month size. Trust me I know my own limitations. I am eternally shocked every time I finish something. I hope to get this thing done by the olympics so that I can start my 2 socks on 2 circs for the first time (lord help me). And then I can do my next socks for the six-sock KAL. Golly G I sure wish I had a couple more hands so that I could knit faster. So many ideas so little time. I want to make a pair of socks for my dad. We'll see if that happens. Bought some black opal (want to make it easy (on him not me) it's his first pair of hangknit socks) and then had to get some opal for myself too. Well yes I guess I better just stop typing and get back to knitting before the baby pops out to surpise eveyone.