Adventures of a girl who purls

Watch me knit and purl and knit and purl and sometimes even spin!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

As I sit here and knit errr work errrr knit errr work (okay I knit a row type a release....but don't tell) and stare out the window a little at the sky threatening to rain. The wireless network is up for the moment. It has a mind of its own really. We have no idea how we got it up and we have to idea what to do when it goes down but do the same pointless things over and over until eveything is up again. I'm sure some genius could tell us the one little magic thing we are doing by accident...but what's the fun in that. I turned my heel of the second sock in the sss pair ( I just wish these things would end). I did another star dishrag and started (to convince myself to work....and to show my husband that I like my gift) the sushi felted wallet that he got me. I'm doing it all in red with the little sushis (that's a word right?) on it. I am on a grand total of row 13 (oh wait that doesn't match the number of press releases so don't tell anyone) It must be 3 I just can't see straight. My darling husband bought a new (really old) car (project) yesterday. It's pretty cool....a 1990 mercedes that claims to have a transmission and smokes from some unknown source. But on the upside...he said the car won't get fixed until I have the money to go to holland with my dad and sister. So here's hoping. I'm thrilled to go but all I can think about is 10 hours of straight knitting on the way there and the way back and all day on the beach. Oh yeah and seeing my sister and nieces....that'll be cool too! Tomorrow I hope to post pics of the sweater and socks.....we'll see!