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Monday, December 03, 2007

My apologies to the state of Wisconsin

Well except for Milwaukee who reported a decrease in crime during the storm. As everyone knows I am part of the Yahoo group Elizabeth's Year and we are working through the Knitters Almanac. Well as usual my knitting is never hitch-less??? I'm not even really sure I should totally be blamed since I did rip out what I had started of the Last Minute December project in the book and since I have sooooooo much other Christmas knitting plus I didn't even bring it with me on my weekend trip to Wisconsin. But as it snowed and snow and snowed, and blew and blew and blew...all day Saturday. I couldn't help but thinking about the December chapter in the Knitters Almanac about being snowed in. I would have likely gotten way more knitting done being snowed in if it weren't for the kids I brought along. I still somehow felt guilty - at least to the people trying to drive around....if you were stuck at home with your knitting.....Your Welcome!