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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

If I had a dollar....

For every time I thought about updating my blog I'd have enough money to buy enough yarn to share err never stop knitting err lie in a huge pile of it and fondle it all day long...yes that's better. Remarkably enough for all the yarn I think I have which is alot less then my DH thinks I have...I do not have nearly enough to pile up and lie in and fondle it. But now I have a goal!

I never did post the pic of the finished monsoons(!?) so.......wahla!!! My feets in my socks!
Nope never did occur to me until this very moment that a good picture of sock with a cable would maybe be of the actual cable. Yes I know...I'm brilliant.

Here is the Daffodil cloth from the dishcloth KAL. Very nice and springy and happy!

This might be another reason I'm not blogging. Our dear summer place is open and well with that come no Internet because apparently in the middle of the middle of nowhere they don't believe in cell towers. (There were some soaring hawks in the picture but I don't actually see them now but I swear they were there when I ran outside to take the picture.)

And here are some very angry geese...if you want to know my theory on why they're me husband does not agree with the theory!

I am almost positive that my yarn fell out of the car and we drove away without it. It almost happened again.

For mother's day I got some cute little flowers (that they planted themselves) and cards from my kids along with a lounge chair from my DH for our deck you will find me there knitting to my hearts content (so long as Franklin keeps on knitting otherwise I'll be indoors in my parka under a blanket if you need me.)