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Friday, June 08, 2007


I have never felt that a piece of knitting is out to get me. I know there are others who have. Well now it is. These simple unassuming socks will not quit!!!!! Now....Tangles out....I'm out of yarn. We all knew this had to happen. It always happens...that is why you never knit from your stash! If you bought the yarn yesterday (or last week or whatever) you go back to the nice lady at the store and buy more. Now stash yarn....whole 'nother ballgame. Let's start with....When did I buy it? Answer: Last year maybe? Next: Where did I buy it? Answer: Oh now there is a tricky one....Wisconsin maybe? But's a big state you know. So this weekend I am off to the two yarn shops within 3 miles to figure out where I bought it and if they have any. Yes there are 2 yarn shop near my summer home in the middle of nowhere....the closest retail outlets to my summer home a gas station and 2 yarn I know how to pick a place or what.
This is what I bought last week (at one of those yarn shops) now I just need to figure out what to do with it.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Herein to be know as the Cluster&#^$*$ Sock!

This....This is what I have managed to do to this super easy super fun (used to be) sock
My whole dang yarn ball exploded!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Fast Knit

I finished the (a) Coriolis Sock by Cat Bordhi. I swear to you this woman is a genius! I just love this sock. This is such a quick knit and it feels great on. I thought it would be thick with 2 strands held together but it really isn't...or at least not as thick as I thought it would be...just nice and cushy! The technique is awesome and tons of fun. I still can't get the hang of wrapping stitches (well I get the hang of wrapping...I'm not quite that dumb) I can't seem to figure out how to pick up the wraps. I hope tomorrow to have the match to this. Oh yeah...did I mention...I love this sock! If you choose to knit the sock there is a mistake in the pattern. It says to take the sole stitches and put them on the instep needle but it's actually the other way around.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


The Coriolis sock by Cat Bordhi as seen on Knitty Gritty

And little progress on the Socks for Soldiers Sock

On the way to the butcher shop last weekend we came across the parts to a huge windmill to be placed on a wind farm in Iowa. It had made it's way all the way from Texas.

On the cat front. That is Tommy. He's a stray that adopted us at our summer home last year.
And the newest addition to our family. Ninja and Scarlet. The are making themselves at home and fitting in nicely. There is also Josie but I have no picture of her since she's a real loner.

Finally finished Grasshoppers. They do slouch a little but hey..what the heck I'm a child of the 80's