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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

3 computers in 3 weeks

I've been meaning to post for....oh a while now. I'm staying home full time (if you don't count the whole working from home thing). (most of my pictures are on the work no pictures today) Pretty much to the 4 year olds and 2 year old here are much more mature then the 40 something and 20 somethings at work. So here I sit. I have a great view so i really can't complain....and I'm all of 15 feet from the hot all and all it's pretty cushy...oh yeah...and the 2 feet from my bed thing is nice too. I'm done with one of the Victorian lace socks and turned the heel on the second. The Janet Shawl (which I keep in Wisconsin) is coming along nicely and I'm over half-way through the rounds. I've join the mystery shawl 3 (yeah like I need something else to start) and started on a baby booty in angora! I love this pattern (and yarn) that pattern is from Last minute knitted gifts and it's so easy. I've made tons of these booties for everyone I know (with babies)now I finally get to make some for myself (shhhh!!!!)The rest of the pictures are on the computer we were using at home but I gave it to the kids I have my old (new) pc (yik) which has a grand total of nothing on it (picture-wise) so no pictures time (or ask my kids to email em to you if your that desperate to see my knitting)