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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

May the Force Be With You!

Did you know that ball winders don't come with a recommended speed limit? I think they should. I was winding to my hearts content and all of a sudden yarn flew past my face. It took me a minute to realize (and stop my hand) what had actually happened. There lay a chunk of my dear yarn on the floor. Centrifugal force is a mighty force I find. Off went my yarn into the wild blue yonder and back down again in a tangled lump on the floor. Just then 2 screaming 3 year-olds need me to extract a bug from the bouncy thing outside and it is a matter of life and death. Well I'm really really sorry my sweet children but don't you see this mass of tangled yarn...that is more a matter of life and death (and cannot be left unattended due to said 3 year olds and their charming little brother. Finally I conquer the yarn and go off in search of the offending bug. It is 1 (count it 1) rolly poly bug on a rather large bouncey. So I pick up the bug and toss him on the grass....the whole while the children are screaming because I am touching a bug. My dear children how did you expect me to get him off did ask me to do that didn't you?

I have finished my color blox socks for the six-sox KAL. Imagine me finished with the socks... and it's not even the middle of the month. What is wrong with this picture. So with all my spare time I will be starting the glad ragg socks from April which never did happen. I was going to start them this weekend. I had all my lovely beads strung and finished 6 rounds of 8 rounds total of rib and hit a knot. I have never experienced the horror of all knitters...the knot. So why now...that I have beads strung do I hit my first knot...can't ignore that. But alas Murphy's Law another great force!

I also started on a sweater just like the ones I made for the girls back in October (okay so they were only started in October...not sure when they were actually finished. I know before January) in a light bright blue for the darling handsome man in my life.