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Friday, November 03, 2006

yeah yeah long time again

I have been putting this off and putting this off and can do it no longer. I will post the pictures that I do have right here right now on this computer I have knit and unknit and knit again over and over and over.

I'm happy that sweater season is back again with a vengence here in the windy city. I hate winter but at least it inspires me to knit. I knit half-way a shawl and while waiting for additional yarn to arrive that I wasn't supposed to need. I lost the page of directions with my notes and my place in the pattern. Who gets half way through a shawl and runs out of yarn when it says two skeins and you buy two skeins. If anyone has run into this with the knitpicks Janet shawl let me know. Even if you have just knit the Janet shawl let me know how I managed this and what I am doing wrong. It is currently sitting back in ball state in the wait list since CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!! I have a long list of christmas knitting and not nearly enough time nor hands to do it all I'm sure. I have 2 things completed but I can't say what they are since at least one of the recipients can read and may stumble over here. But alas on to pictures and enough of my dribble.

This is the Janet Shawl that does not look like this looks remarkabley more like 2 balls of yarn. Maybe someday it will look like this again but not before christmas.

These are a couple halter tops that I found in easy knitting or something like that. There were very simple and cranked them both out in a day. The I-cord is what takes the longest and is way to long if following the time I will measure the I cord on the kids and stop knitting when it fits!