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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'll wait until the cow come home

I wasn't going to post because I was going to wait until I got everything moved over to .mac. Well I have to have DH set it up and a quote from one of the kids current favorite books Kiss Goodnight .....I'm waiting!

But as I've been waiting I've still been knitting. Just a broad overview since I can't stand posting pictures just doesn't cooperate with me.

These are in Cascade Fixation made from the Broadripple pattern from knitty.

This is the first dish cloth I've done from the yahoo group I just joined. It was a lot of fun and I hope it will force me (that's not really the right way to say that) to knit more dish cloths. I love to make them but I never get around to it.

This is springtime in Paris from six sox kal yahoo group. I made these for my sister since she is moving to America this Spring and she'll not have to have another springtime in Paris (okay actually the UK)

Since everyone else is doing it (and yes mom I would jump off a bridge). These are my STR. This is how far I am awaiting my size 0's from the LYS.