Adventures of a girl who purls

Watch me knit and purl and knit and purl and sometimes even spin!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I am so behind on knitting it isn't even funny. Okay well it does make me laugh but only in one of those if I don't laugh I'm going to cry laughs. So it may look like it is really funny to me but no it's not. On the upside...I guess I have saved on yarn. But now I'm so far behind in stash aquisition that I'll have to do some power shopping...or convice the yarn fairly to stop by while I sleep...There is a yarn fairy right...there is no way I actually bought all this yarn myself. So I've finally finished that dang baby sweater (sans the buttons) and started on the second sock of a pair that I had second sock syndrome before I finished the first sock...yes I guess that can happen. Went to a neat yarn shop up by our lake house Love having it so close have to go there every day we're up there now. I'm sure I'll never run out of things to buy...they have all the sock yarn a girl could want.

Today's project is getting a wireless network up and running at home....yeah I'm laughing again...and it's not funny stuff. This thing will be the death of me I'm sure. I am finally hooked up to the wired portion of it...but yes I did say that it's supposed to be a wireless network ( I'm supposed to have people for this) all the computers can see the network and connect but none can get online....I really need people for this. So if I write tomorrow...everything is fine...if I don't well....then we're not up and running and I'm still talking to tech support!!!!! HELP!!