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Monday, April 30, 2007

If anyone finds some black yarn...

along the side of the road between Illinois and Wisconsin. Let me know. It's mine. Not too sure how it happened but it's gone. Came home to find to find the yarn on dhs' sock severed about 3 feet from the sock. I have searched high and low for the yarn and I have no explanation for its whereabouts except the side of the road somewhere. To make matters worse. The day before I snap both handles on the Lantern Moon bag that I had the sock in. I was taking my oldest out of the shopping cart at Wal-mart and her foot caught in it.

On a better knitting front. Much progress has been made on the STR now that I have more time since we've opened up our summer place. I waited and waited for my size 0 needles to come in. They still haven't so I had to use some huge metal Boyle ones. Not the end of the world just takes some getting used to.

We went trout fishing on Saturday. We had a great time. The kids loved it and the fish were great.

No progress has been made on the Claude's Louie-ghan.
I've been working furiously on the fore-mentioned STR. I hope to be finished with them by tonight and be able to start on this months pair. They look to die for!!!!!!!!