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Thursday, September 20, 2007

I told you all!!!

Like I'm going to find time to blog and hang out at Ravelry 24/7. There is way too much to do over there. OMG I am loving it!!!! The kids are still alive and well everything else isn't soo bad I guess. I have learned that I have a pathetic little stash. I guess I'm just not a stash kinda girl...but I really want to be. I have had absolutely no desire to knit lately because I'm some serious crap going on over here....but I think the urge is coming back. I have gotten back into it a little bit....see

Okay so I really don't get a ton done on it since I leave it up on Wisconsin...but two rows a week on average...I should be done before winter comes.

I've also managed to do a little on Solstice Slip from BMFA...gotta love STR!!!!!

The mystery stole 3...yeah that's just a disgrace...I'm on clue 2 see....

Okay...that's really all for now...hopefully things will start looking better around here and the knitting bug will come back with a vengeance!