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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Someone Stop Me!

I am so not a joiner. Not to say that I don't go with the flow - but I certainly don't follow the knitting crazes and jump on the bandwagon with ever next must have must knit thing. I have never contemplated knitting a Clapotis - haven't knit Icarus (maybe thought about it). So yes I am a member of the STR Club - But it's for the learning experience. I always knit the monthly pattern with the monthly changes...even if I am a month behind. I still consider myself a pretty new knitter and use STR Club and Six-Sox KAL to learn something new and challenge myself. I have yet to cast on the new STR shipment from a few weeks ago since I'm working on some totally gripping and intriguing black socks for my dh (meaning changes with the day...insert your own adjective). No really black sock knit in stockinette are soooo exciting!! Really!!! Okay yeah - I know I need a life!

Plus now I've got the Mystery Stole 3 which isn't so much a mystery anymore since every other person on the planet finished knitting it ages ago. (Okay so maybe I am a bit of a joiner)

But back to the point...someone stop me....I'm going to cast on some monkey socks any moment now. I have the yarn laying out...some nice hand painted stuff....

The only thing I need less than another WIP...not to mention another WIP which happens to be socks is more sock yarn - Wait....maybe I do need more sock yarn!

Stay tuned....This may all pass!