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Friday, January 12, 2007

Nothing on the needles

Chain link socks from Six-Sox KAL are officially done. I have nothing....actually nothing..really nothing at all on the needles. I hate when this happens. Yes it has happened before. I usually know it's going to happen and I brace for it. It happens usually after a holiday or anything other major gift-giving time (i.e. the clustered birthday in my family). So now what do I start. I do have a sleeve of a sweater from the big girl knits book so yes technically I do have something "one the needles" tho it really doesn't have a needle in it. I could work on that...but I have to find the book first. I moved all my stuff out of the office since it was in the way too much. But I think I may have to move it back even tho I like having my wheel at home. (picture to follow tomorrow). It's pretty sad that I can't find a place for my things since I really don't have all that much stuff. I'm thinking of a hat out my hand spun but I don't wear hats and I don't imagine I'm going to start any time soon no matter how much pride I take in my handiwork. So really any ideas would be great...pass them along. Maybe tomorrow there will be some news as to what I have started.

I'm sure at this point everyone on the planet has heard about the Sock that Rock Club thing. I'm sure there are people out there that cannot believe that this would happen. I most likely would have been one of those people. You think that sort of thing just does not happen...there must be something they aren't telling us. Well I am here to say that I have had that happen to my business not once but twice...yes folks twice. The first time we worked it out with the credit card people (who were holding the money for safe keeping) and they finally after 6 months let us have the money. The second time (which was recently and a different company...this time an online source) they did exactly what is happening to the wonderful people at blue moon. We talked to them and tried to work with them but they insisted that even though no one ever called to complain or even ask about a charge on their credit card that they would return eveyone's money. It's a very tough situation to be in. You take someone's credit card it's approved - you hand them they're merchandise - they go home use it, enjoy, love it and have no complaints - but now the credit card company gives them back their money....what sense does that make?????!??!?!?! None I can see. I am with Stephanie - The Yarn Harlot I want to know who these people are because as you can see from my track record they will be my next bank I will go through this once again. So really for my safety I need to know...and I want to knock some sense into them too!!!!