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Friday, June 22, 2007

Curses...Airport Security

Okay yes so I'm still bitter at the airport security at the Brussels airport. They took 6 - size 1 addi circs. Never mind that I managed to take them into the country...but I'm sure it was way to risky to take them out. The sad part is that I was going to give them to my sister to take home...but they were way to dear to me. So now some strange man in Brussels' wife is happily knitting away on 3 socks. yes this was about a year ago. But you just can't replace that many Addis at one time without it nicking the yarn budget a little.

So basically my gripe is...I only have one sock on the needles currently....and that is... That is the Victorian Lace Sock from Six-Sock-KAL yahoo group.

But now my STR June yarn came and I'm stuck staring at it. See what I mean...that would make anyone bitter!

And for the 3rd circ (see I have this all planned out on needles I don't own anymore) would be a nice mindless sock. Without one I have way less time to knit....seems that the other parts of my life require my mind so therefore I need mindless knitting. I have none.

I have been keeping the shawl from hell...otherwise known to better knitters than I (with obviously longer short-term memories) as the Janet Shawl from Knitpicks up in Wisconsin. It's been getting a couple rounds a week done on it. Just 2 last weekend since I wasn't there for more than an hour since I spent all my time at a family party right around here.
And yes it is the happenin exciting place it looks!!!! See -
I'm not exactly sure why my camera is making everything look pink I kinda noticed in the other pictures but I thought oh maybe the sun was shining funny through the trees or whatever but this...this you don't miss - I swear my cat doesn't look like that. That your gonna notice.