Adventures of a girl who purls

Watch me knit and purl and knit and purl and sometimes even spin!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Actual Knitting

I have actually done some knitting on each project that I have going right now. I have finished the Annetrelac Socks Photo-0692.jpg

I have done some knitting...not to be confused to progress on the mystery stole...remember the one from last summer with all the clues...yeah that one. I have knit and tinked the same row...most likely not less than 4 times. And this is knitting done while I am not distracted...i.e. kids not around...I can't get is not working right now.

Little progress done on the perfect sweater...I'm up the armhole shaping on the front (back is done) and then just the sleeves (thank god I have short....well I was going to say arms...but I guess all of me is short)

I knit and ripped and knit again the jaywalkers. Aparently all my talk about mindless knitting doesn't work if you have the wrong pattern in your head.Photo-0688.jpg Photo-0690.jpg

oh yes....and my new toyPhoto-0691.jpg

And I have actually looked at the spinning wheel....not to be confused with any actual spinning.