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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Parallel Dimension

Can sock yarn escape to the place where socks go when you put them in the dryer? Technically it's a sock(s)it just hasn't been knit yet. Are there monsters (villains, trolls, elves) that sneak up the stairs - since in my case we keep the dryer sequestered in the basement and steal (sockknap, yarnknap) socks and now yarn? Is the dryer merely one portal of many that sock and now sock yarn can disappear (transport) to this parallel dimension where sock and socks that are not yet socks...just potential socks live. Which raises the question - How does sock yarn know that it is going to be socks? Does it have to have a clear plan (this yarn did) or be merely dk weight or thinner? Are there sweaters walking?? around on this far off planet? I have some extremely bulky socks that I have been trying in earnest to lose yet they keep turning up one at a time in the oddest of places. Have they tired to get through the portal and have been pushed back time and time again because they do not conform to the standards of residency of this unknown place.

Well whatever it is....I've lost my socks that rock for the next pattern and I am now forced to start the Monkey Socks. Now if only I can remember where I put my needles...